Technical Polymers for Automotive Cooling Lines

In this webinar, we will discuss Arkema's material solutions for demanding automotive cooling line applications.  This presentation will focus on our high-performance polymer solutions that are both cost effective and can withstand many of the most challenging conditions under the hood.

Key takeaways:

  • Solutions with superior resistance to hydrolysis
  • Cost, weight, and space reduction possibilities
  • Large product portfolio that meets key market challenges and the resources to solve news challenges

Tuesday, April 7

@ 9–9:30AM (New York, USA)

@ 3–3:30PM (Paris, FR)

@ 9–9:30PM (Shanghai, CN)

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Presented by:

Sylvain BENET

Transportation Business Development Manager

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About the host

Sylvain has been with Arkema since 1980 and has specialized in the development of the automotive market and applications. 

Sylvain BENET

Transportation Business Development Manager

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