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Sustainability and CSR are hot topics in the disposable hygiene industry. As your adhesive supplier and trusted partner, we want to keep you in the know, help expand your knowledge, and offer support where you need it.

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The Consumer Need for Safety and Transparency

August 4th - 15:00 CET (8:00 AM CST)

Bostik experts Christophe Morel & Laurianne Libralesso will discuss the consumers’ increasing needs for product transparency. They will present how Bostik and the manufacturers of disposable absorbent hygiene products are working together to reach common goals. The webinar will consider:

  • The market & the consumer’s needs
  • The challenges for the industry
  • How the industry is responding
  • Bostik’s commitment

Sustainable Production at Bostik

August 18th - 15:00 CET (8:00 AM CST)

In this 4th webinar in the series, Seif Shaarawy, Bostik’s Global Operations Director and Christophe Morel will discuss how Bostik’s adhesives are manufactured responsibly, keeping the safety of our employees always in mind, using safe processes and embracing the group’s objective to reduce our GHG emissions. They will investigate factors such as:

  • People Safety and process safety
  • Energy
  • The management of waste
  • … and more

Enabling a Wider Choice of Sustainable Substrates

September 1st - 15:00 CET (8:00 AM CST)

It is widely recognised that adhesives continue to be the most flexible and adaptive bonding solution. In this episode, Bostik’s applied technology experts Tony Retrif and Aurelie Mauranges will discuss how Bostik and its bonding solutions make the inclusion of more sustainable substrates in disposable absorbent hygiene products possible. In addition to the value of Bostik’s testing capabilities and technical support, we will discuss the advantages of adhesives as the most sustainable bonding solution in the areas of:

  • Compatibility
  • Flexibility
  • Adaptability

Reducing the Weight of Your Product

September 15th - 15:00 CET (8:00 AM CST)

Many of us aspire to achieving more with less. It’s the same in disposable hygiene; how can you make a lighter product function the same, if not better than today’s product? In this webinar. Jack Hughes and Luke Burkholder will be discussing how Bostik and its adhesive solutions enable

  • New & thinner core designs
  • Add on reduction
  • The use of lower basis weight substrates
  • ... and more

Adhesives and Sustainable Technologies

September 29th - 15:00 CET (8:00 AM CST)

In this episode, Darius Deak, Bostik’s global R&D Director will be discussing Bostik’s sustainable product development roadmap. He will be providing a high level overview of the technologies that Bostik is using to bring adhesive innovations to the market that enable a more sustainable hygiene product. 

Designing a Recyclable Hygiene Product

October 13th - 15:00 CET (8:00 AM CST)

In our final webinar in the series, Christophe Morel will be considering Bostik’s contribution to a circular model. Join us to hear how Bostik is engaged in the strive for solutions that better enable an improved end of life scenario for products or materials. 

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